The House - Councelling and Psychotherapy

It is not uncommon to find yourself feeling ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed by the issues life throws at you. Sometimes we can keep these issues hidden under wraps for years and they can jump out at you when you least expect it or are feeling unable to deal with them.

These difficulties can affect how we function; impacting on our relationships, work and home life. We may feel that we go through life repeating the same painful pattern and not being sure why.

Talking therapy is for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Its benefits are long lasting; not only dealing with past and present stuff but also making changes that benefit the future.

‘The House’ is a counselling and psychotherapy centre, in the heart of Seaford, offering talking therapies with therapists trained to work with a variety of issues. ‘The House’ is a place where positive change can be realised in a safe and supportive space where intimate and personal feelings and issues can be discussed in confidence.

Individual Adult Therapy

One to one counselling with a therapist specificially trained to deal with individual issues.

Young Person’s Counselling

Therapy designed specificially to deal with issues brought up by young people.

Couples Counselling

This is a talking therapy designed for those in a realtionship and experiencing difficulties.

Specific Group Therapy

Group therapy involves one or two therapists working with a maximum of eight clients.

Mindfulness Programme

Coming soon to ‘The House’.